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The Successful Home Inspector Podcast Episode 169 Paul Magrone

Paul Magrone

Paul Margrone has written a really good home inspection book; The business of Home Inspection.  Paul is cool dude and you will like this podcast.

I would like to say that of all of the positions that I have held, the most important one has been being the customer. It is because of that reason that I promise to be prompt, provide quality service, be diligent and to treat my customers with the respect that they deserve. I know that is what you expect because that is what I expect.

Paul Margone is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina.

The Successful Home Inspector Podcast Episode 166 Michael Casey

This guy is synonymous with home inspections.  He founded one of the first home inspection trainings and schools that I am aware of.  He is a former president of ASHI.  He and Kevin Omalley created the home inspection conference I ever went to.  He is all around probably one of the most knowledgable guys in the home inspection industry.  To top that off he is just a heck of of a nice guy.  You don’t want to miss Home Inspection Carolina’s interview with Michael Casey.

Michael Casey

The Successful Home Inspector Podcast Episode 165 Ian Mayer

Ian Mayer was drummer who had been laid off for the last time.  He took that energy and channeled it into creating IM Inspections.  This a great podcast and Ian gives lots of gold nuggets.  Ian is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina.

The Successful Home Inspector Podcast Episode 158 Scott Spaulding

Portland Home Inspector Scott Spaulding
Portland Home Inspector Scott Spaulding

Scott Spaulding own and operates Blur Ribbon Home Inspections out of Portland Oregon.  In this podcast interview with Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector . Scott talks about how he got started in the Home Inspection business.  With a background in computer Scott is the only person I have met that made a perfect score on the National Home Inspection Exam.  You Don’t want to miss our latest interview with Portland Home Inspector Scott Spaulding.

The Successful Home Inspector Episode 147 Shawn Rossbach

Shawn Rossback

Max Home Inspections ® promises to provide outstanding customer service, thorough home inspections, professional and informative reports. You will have the information you need to make a confident decision on your real estate investments. We are always available to help – 24/7.

Professionally educated, licensed and certified, Max Home Inspections strives to give you the best quality service. Our inspectors adhere to a strict code of conduct and have all been trained and educated to ensure that they properly represent the best in the industry.

We always strive to exceed customer expectations – from the time we arrive on sight you will know that we are knowledgeable professionals that have your best interest at mind. If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the inspection, not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another licensed inspector of your choice, up to the original inspection fee

Shawn is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector 

The Successful Home Inspector Episode 126 Frank Lesh

Frank Lesh
Frank Lesh

Frank Lesh is currently the executive director of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  He is the founder of the Home Sweet Home Inspection Company, which was started in 1989. He has performed thousands of commercial and residential property inspections, and specialized in EIFS inspections. Frank has been a member of ASHI since 1990 and a member of the Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) of ASHI since 1991. He has held numerous volunteer positions in both organizations, including as president of the GLC from 1997-1998, Master Inspector by Review®, and the President of ASHI in 2007.
Frank won the John E. Cox Award for “Outstanding contributions to a Chapter” in 2004, and the 2012 Philip C. Monahon Award, ASHI’s highest award. Other professional affiliations include the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) since 1996. EDI is the premier organization involved in synthetic stucco (DRYVIT®). Frank was on the Board of Governors of EDI in 1999.
Frank Lesh is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspetor

The Successful Home Inspector Podcast Episode 115 Matt Ehrlichman

Matt Ehrlichman
Matt Ehrlichman

In this podcast Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina interviews Matt Ehrlichman of Porch.com.  There has been a lot of talk recently about Porch’s purchas of ISN or Inspectors Support Network recently.  Listen to the interview and check out Ask the Charlotte Inspector.com and The Successfulhomeinspector.com

Episode 84 Chip Sprague

Chip Sprague
Chip Sprague

Chip Sprague has been a licensed home inspector contracted with Home Inspection Carolina for over 10 years. Chip is part of the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association and has donated his time performing inspections for the halfway house to better his community.
Being a manager for Lowe’s Home Improvement for over 11 years has given him an extensive knowledge base to identify and relate with clients.
Chip has a heart for animals as you may see him with his trusty sidekick Holly when picking up your Radon!

Our inspectors have been learning and focusing on preforming inspections for years. They are all enthralled with construction and how things are constructed. Our inspectors are not just inspectors but more like investigators. It’s not enough to just identify the problem or defect. Our inspectors love to try and determine the source of the problem to help you make an educated decision when purchasing your home!

Chip Sprague is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector

Episode 78 Chistopher Casey – Monroe Infrared

Christopher Casey

Christopher Casey

Christopher Casey is a West Point graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He pursued his MBA from St. Martins University while still on active duty stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. Since 1990 Christopher has held various leadership positions with regional & national companies where his expertise in organizational management, creative problem solving and ever-positive focus have led to substantial growth.  Christopher purchased Monroe Infrared in 2011. He is highly motivated, goal-driven and clearly focused on exceeding both customer and vendor partner expectations as the path to overall business success.  His belief:  success thrives from true partnerships,  developed through doing what you say you’re going to do, over-communicating, never assuming, and sweating the details no matter the size of the customer, task, purchase or commitment.

Christopher Casey is being interviewed Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector.

Episode 57 Preparing Your Home to Sell


In this episode of the The Successful Home Inspector podcast Preston Sandlin the host and owner of Home Inspection Carolina is on “The Real Estate Today Show Talking about how to prepare your home for sale.  Preston has come up with a Sellers Inspection Checklist and you can find it on Ask the Charlotte Home Inspector.  You are welcome to use it.  Preston and Meg have been supporting our community for over 20 years. Preston a licensed home inspector and Meg have created a company with one focus in mind, Customer Service! “Provide the customer with the best home inspection experience and the most knowledgeable home inspectors and the rest will fall into place.” With Customer service as the #1 focus has changes the home inspection industry. Preston and Meg have created a company you can trust and rely on!

Preston has created additional training that is required by all Home Inspection Carolina inspectors. To ensure, not only informative but educational reports from over 25 inspectors. “Purchasing a home is the single most important investment of your life, and we are here to help you through that process.” Preston Sandlin.