Inspecting New Homes

New Home Inspections
New Home Inspections

Looking for a program to offer to builders?   Here it is

Provide detailed reports and a database that can be easily accessed to view, grading, QI reports, contractor scores, and more! Most importantly, we will provide you with the resources to increase revenue!

How Can This Benefit The Home Inspector?

  • New Construction Inspections
  • When partnered with a New Builder you can guaranteed income and inspections!
  • Create Additional Revenue and Income Potential!
  • Reduced Liability!
  • Freedom and Flexibility.
  • Faster Reporting with less detail.
  • Less time performing inspections.
  • Not having to deal with the general public or realtors
  • Builder lists that separates reports by builders. Keeping information private and secure.
  • Upload reports by builder with search options
  • Re-inspection reports section to increase additional revenue!
  • The ability to add additional inspectors for multi-inspector firms.

How Can This Benefit The Builders?

  • Providing them with a tools for success!
  • A way to hold sub-contractors and Contract/Project Managers accountable!
  • A way to monitor warranty claims for their warranty department.
  • Reports that provide a training tool for Contract/Project Managers!
  • Create less turn over for the builder.
  • Proved a quick snap shot of how neighborhood are doing with just a click of the finger.
  • Provide the builder with a grading system that grades all their homes.
  • Provide them a gateway for the builder to access all reports with a click of the finger.
  • Providing them a report on the home by a Licensed Home Inspector!
  • Options for re-inspections for them to determine if the corrections have been properly made.
  • Most of all Increases the quality of their product!

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