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Episode 80 Bill Goldsmith – Joe Ferry The Home Inspector Lawyer

Joe Ferry
Joe Ferry

Meet Joe Ferry

A professional attorney who understands the inner workings of the home inspection industry and the legality that often finds home inspectors just like you fighting for your professional reputation and livelihood.

Joe Ferry has responded to over 900 claims during the last decade as the preeminent attorney in the home inspection industry. His mission is to educate and advocate on their behalf against clients looking for someone to blame for their own misfortune.

Joe is the creator of ClaimInterceptâ„¢, his proprietary method of early intervention that covers a home inspector against potential professional liability claims.

He travels the country presenting educational seminars, informing and engaging inspectors in a presentation that details how to minimize risk and maximize protection from meritless claims.

The Law and Disorder Seminar has also been packaged into a 19-video online offering now available for viewing at your convenience!

Bill Goldsmith is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina or Ask the Charlotte Inspector.