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Episode 20 Billy Boerner

Billy Boerner
Billy Boerner

STL Inspector

✓  Board-Certified: Master Certified Home Inspector. Learn More: View Details
✓  2 Inspectors: I work in unison with another professional inspector on all jobs.
✓  Radon Testing: International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2)
✓  Mold Testing: Air Borne and Swab Analysis. We use professional calibrated equipment.
✓  Construction Background: Renovations, Complete Builds, General Contractor
✓  Fully Insured: I carry professional errors and omissions and general liability.
✓  Easy Payment Options: Cash, Check, Escrow, Credit Facebook
✓  I carry a SUPRA key for quick, easy access.
✓  I have a team of master inspectors at my disposal and keep my skills updated by     consulting with other master inspectors and colleagues, as well as specialists, such as     foundation contractors, structural engineers, electricians etc.
✓  I walk and crawl areas where some of my competition simply refuse to or can’t.
✓  I utilize a thermal camera as a standard tool. I have the ability to see what other’s can’t.
✓  Dress Accordingly. I don’t wear dress pants. If you crawl with me, expect to get dirty.

Your best interests are priority #1 This business is my life’s passion and, as your independent inspector I understand your time is very valuable and you have a lot at stake. You know why you need a inspection, but the real question is who should you hire.

With a background in property investment, renovations and inspections, rest assured that I have years of experience, which enables me to help you make critical decisions. My reports are concise and easy to understand, and include photos and detailed descriptions of the defects I discover.

Knowledge is key to real estate transactions and savvy people like yourself understand this. What most people don’t know is not all home inspectors are equally trained. Without a doubt I am comfortable educating you about the home and its various systems. That’s why I strongly recommend that you attend your inspection. It will take anywhere from 2.5 to 7 hours, depending on the size and condition of the property. I’ll discuss my process and findings with you, point out important maintenance items, and answer all of your questions.

Billy Boerner is being interviewed by Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector.