Episode 15 Philippe Heller

Philippe Heller
Philippe Heller

Favorite Book:  The E-Myth


Philippe Heller created The Real Estate Inspection Company after experiencing a really bad inspection. The goal was to build a new type of inspection company. His experience includes a technical background working for world class companies such as GE Power Systems, Cox Cable, and Time Warner Cable.

The Real Estate Inspection Company is different. We have a staffed office to answer the phone and help clients. We have 7 inspectors, so we can accommodate YOUR schedule. We have a website that allows you to book an appointment, similar to an airline reservation, quickly, easily, day or night. And we have the resources to provide the best inspection equipment available. 

Each inspector shows up with the latest high-tech equipment to thoroughly inspect a house for health and safety items. This includes Carbon Monoxide detectors, microwave detectors, electronic moisture meters, and Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras. 

As the company reaches its 10th year in business, we are branching out to South Riverside and South Orange County. Along with that growth, we are modifying our name to The Real Estate Inspection Co. We are bringing our high level of inspections to Fallbrook, Temecula, Murrieta, and San Clemente areas.

Call us to experience a whole new level of service.

Specialties: Home inspection, thermal Imaging, leak detection.

Philippe Heller is being interviewed by Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector.