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Episode 77 Jim Van Loosen

Jim Van Loosen
Jim Van Loosen
ASAP Home Inspections and Environmental Testing

– Present (3 years 9 months)211 Stevenson Rd N Oshawa, Ontario

I bring the latest in equipment, technology and knowledge with me to every inspection and do my best to find as many visible defects as possible. I use Infrared Scanning technology for free at every inspection. Home Inspections is my sideline, my clients needs are my business1

ASAP Home Inspections and Environmental Testing View our Sitemap Oshawa Office Peterborough Office 211 Stevenson Rd N 2652 Ridgetop Cres Email us and ask us anything! Oshawa, ON Peterborough, ON L1J5M7 K9L1H9 jim@asaphi.ca asaphomeinspections@asaphi.ca 905-410-6717 Toll Free 855-410-6717 View our commercial.

The most common question we get from people is Why should we choose ASAP Home Inspections and Environmental testing? One easy to read paragraph below answers that.

It’s simple basic reasoning that keeps everyone choosing
ASAP Home Inspections and Environmental Services! FREEBIES Included such as FREE 90 Day Home  Warranty, RecallChek on ALL appliances for life, FREE Infrared Imaging to help find thermal, electrical and water problems, State of the art technology, Friendly, Courteous, Honest and yet customer oriented, FREE Gas Leak testing on visible lines and appliances, FREE Carbon Monoxide Testing, Humidity and Temperature Monitoring in each room, Highly Professional Home Inspection Reports emailed to you, Electronically Signed agreements ( to reduce the hassle of meeting up), a dedicated 4×4 truck so we don’t miss appointments due to inclement  weather, Certified Professional Inspectors, Uniformed Inspectors with proper ID cards so you know who we are, FREE smiles, we are certified indoor air consultants and we carry our Environmental Test Kit with us to every inspection (if we run into environmental issues such as mold, lead, radon, asbestos, allergens, and even bed bugs{extra cost for specialized testing}),We also do a FREE walk through home inspection when you take possession of your home to ensure there are no major issues that are different than those pointed out in the original home inspection report, Agents refer us again and again. The biggest reason you want to hire us to inspect your home? If you don’t:

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing!®

If you would like more reason then just dig around on our easy access website and I know you will find many more.

Like HomeVerified reports that include Grow op info, Meth Lab, schools in the area and their ratings, businesses in the area, insurance history claims and how much they were etc (extra cost) An excellent value an only one place in Canada to get all that information in one place. Just click the HomeVerified button below to order you report today. (you can even order it if you aren’t a client) Awesome selling feature for real estate agents and home sellers and buyers!!!!

Jim Van Loosen is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector