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The Successful Home Inspector Podcast Episode 135 Megan Riley Wilson


Megan Riley Wilson
Megan Riley Wilson

Bridge Home Inspection, LLC serves all of Northeast Georgia. Please see a complete list of counties covered below.

Meet your Certified Professional Inspector: Megan Wilson owns and operates Bridge Home Inspection, LLC; clients always know they receive the highest level of service by an actual CPI, rather than a “hired hand.” After painting houses as means to pay for her college education over 15 years ago, Megan became fascinated with the building industry. She began a career in Real Estate Appraisals and participated in over 1,000 home inspections with TWG Appraisals. Meeting home inspectors along the way, an interest in learning more about the structural integrity of the home arose. In her own words, “In the Appraisal Industry, we observe and report the market value of home. With Home Inspection, we observe and report the structural integrity of the home, which is never compromised by the market. I love that aspect because each home has a story to tell and I get to unfold the mystery.”
Megan is being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and The Successful Home Inspector.