Episode 54 Rob & Michelle Hopkin

rob-and-michelle hopkin

Whether purchasing your first home or investing in a commercial property, the key to a wise investment is understanding the full condition of what you’re buying. A leader in the industry since 1986, ProTec Inspection Services provides comprehensive home and commercial property inspection services in Washington, D.C.,Montgomery County, MD, Fairfax County, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Let us equip you with a fully detailed report to make a wise decision. Contact us today at (301) 972-8531 to schedule an inspection with a certified property inspector.

We believe that by truly caring about others and helping solve their problems, our problems and those of our company will take care of themselves.

We believe family is the most important thing in our lives and by helping our clients keep their families safe, ours will thrive as well.

We believe everyone deserves a home.

When purchasing a home for your family, you want to be well informed of its strengths and weaknesses. Home inspections from ProTec provide a complete overview of the property’s condition, identifying any problem areas that may need addressed and guidance on what needs immediate attention.

Rob an Michelle Hopkin are being interviewed by Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina and Ask the Charlotte Inspector.